Kim Controls can design, manufacture, certify and label your Control Panels to these UL Standards. 

        • UL508A Industrial Control Panels 
        • UL698A Intrinsically-Safe panels
        • UL Listing Services
        • cUL 508A Industrial Control Panels

To issue a UL certificate, components, design and workmanship of a panel is extensively reviewed. Often this requires comprehensive research into components and design techniques. Our staff is extensively trained and certified annually on requirements to issue a certificate. We offer the service on design/build panels in shop or on panels you design and build in your shop.

UL (Underwriters Laboratory) in the US investigates all products exporting to the Canadian market according to Canadian cUL Standards. That is why the C is put in front of the UL listing. Canada does the same for all product exported to the US in accordance with the UL standards.
Manufactures of UL and cUL products are mandated to maintain permanent records of products they have certified. Contact the manufacture directly for information on, or copy of, the original certification.

cUL and CSA are the same standards. If you have a cUL certificate from your manufacturer you can enter it into the UL database (www.ul.com) and the information will appear under a CSA file. So cUL is perfectly CSA approved! You can rest assured that we are providing and selling product that is safe for use in Canada, in accordance to our cUL standards.


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