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Automation Design and Implementation

Automation Engineering

Kim Control Systems will design, program, simulate and test a comprehensive system to automate almost any process. That includes data reporting designed to optimize your product or production system. Setting up a process control system. Programming a SCADA reporting system for control and feedback. Since 1971 we have worked with companies in almost every industry including:

• Manufacturing
• Medical
• Power Transmission
• Safety
• Precision Motion

Control components

Control Systems

Design, engineering and manufacturing of complete control system of mechanical components like motors, gears, actuators, conveyors all controlled by a processor with feedback systems. Kim Control Systems has the parts, programming capability and mechanical knowledge to design, select, and  build your complete production motion control system.

     • Production Lines  
     • Production Machinery 
     • CNC and Cutting Machines 
     • Machine Safety System  
     • Precision Motion

Machine and Conveyor System

Mechanical / Manufactured


Electrical products:
     • Control Panels
     • Power Cabinets
     • HMI Stands
     • Custom Wiring

Mechanical Products:
     • Work Benches & Cells
     • Machine Enclosures
     • Production Lines
     • Safety Fences & Screens  
     • Conveyors 
     • Custom Actuators 
     • Staircase & Mezzanines
     • Employee safety screens

Control Panels

We Build UL Approved Control Panels

Since 1972 Kim Controls Systems has been a premier manufacture of power and control panels in the Upper Midwest. We work with all major control and component systems.


Reduce servo system wiring by 80%

The AKD-N decentralized servo drive reduces cabinet space and opens the way to a smarter machine automation with 80% less cabling. Typical applications for the AKD-N are packaging machines and production machines in food and beverage industry.

• IP67 drives can be mounted to machine, outside the control panel
• Reduced cabling because DC, network, power supply, I/O level as well as safety (STO) run in one cable
• More flexibility in machine design, can be “cold plate” mounted

You can design and specify the system with your components or we will handle the entire process from design through installation and commissioning.

We also support existing systems with upgrade and repair solutions.


Collaborative Robot

Mitsubishi announces it launch of the ASSISTA Robot. Designed to work in a cooperative enviroment with humans! It can share a workspace  with human interaction. No robot programming experience necessary. Completely enclosed and food grade certified. Program with the on board keypad or remote with Windows based intuitve engineering software using Drag and Drop technology. 

Mitsubishi offers the most comprehensive line of cell manufacturing industrial robots in the world. 

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