Kim Control Systems can add an industrial robot or design and implement a complete production line or cell. Robots are an effective tool when repeatable, cost effective production is required.  We support fixed station and mobile robotics. 

TYPES OF ROBOTS: Cartesian • SCARA • Collaborative • 6-Axis • Delta • Mobile

INDUSTRIES •Packaging • Medical • Manufacturing • Food • Warehouse • Inventory



Lightweight, compact industrial robots. Cost effective and full function

• Pick & Place
• Assembly
• Packaging

6 Axis robots

6 Axis

Full featured software driving this full range of reach and weight capable robots

  • Advance Software Control 
• Easily Programable
• Production line ready

Delta Robots


Work safely beside these robots.  

 • Pick & Place
• Assembly
• Packaging
• Manufacturing Cell

6 Axis robots


Designed to your requirement with unlimited travel, excellent accuracy and repeatability

• Pick & Place
• Assembly
• Packaging



Mitsubishi's newest robot. ASSISTA Series  collaborative robots are designed to work safely with humans based on collision detection and strict compliance with the international safety standards ISO 10218-1 and ISO/TSE15066 . Expected to be released in the USA late summer 2020

The operating buttons on the robot arm provide you with easy control for ASSIST A and the teaching pendant for programming and teaching is no longer needed.
The LED on the robot arm display the status of the robot.
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You can create programs visually using intuitive operations with RT-Visual-Box.
"Visual Programming" - This software allows operators to simply program this robot with a "train by demonstration" programing interface.This allows them to move the robot arm position and set way-points easily. 
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ASSISTA offers a wide variety of components-Grippers, Fingers, Vision and other peripherals.
These tools can easily be setup and configured for your application.
ASSISTA can also be configured to move freely as as part of an AGV/AMR or as a mobile robot.
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  1. All types of Robots - One robot solution does not fit all applications. We work with many differenct types robots. Each one having different capabilities.  They offer a comprehensive product line and make it easy. The software is the newest drag and drop robot programming software in the industry. Robots can be programmed by someone without any expertise in robotic control or integrated into a production line. We can integrate the programming in Solid Works modeling software for testing and verification prior to purchasing any expensive hardware.
  2. Multiple Industries - As an Integrator, Kim Controls Systems has the staff and knowledge to support many different industries. From packaging to complicated CNC tending machines.
  3. Adding to existing production - If you need to add a robot to your existing production facility, Kim Control Systems will analze your existing motion and controls enviroment and suggest the best fit. It is important to understand your systems automation and motion comunications, power, availalble footprint, production speed, weight and other considerations for a successful installation.  

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