Mitsubishi Electric Launches MELFA ASSISTA Series of Collaborative Robots

The MELFA Assista is Mitsubishi Electrics's newest robot offering, specially created to work in a cooperative environment. Assista is a collaborative robot that can share a workspace with human interaction for a wide variety of applications. Easy control, programming, and connectivity provide operators with the skills they need to interact with this robot quickly and efficiently.

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Simple programming


Works safely with humans


Certified Peripheral Devices


“AGV/AMR” Unmanned Transport Carts

Touch control programming

You can easily place the arm in position, select the program button and your done. Move it to a second position and do the same. The convenient keypad on the arm eliminates the need for teaching pendents or highly technical programming software. No need to use wires to connect and run the robot. All wiring is internal to the arm.  Learn More...

Drag and Drop programming

For advanced applications, an intuitive Windows based engineering software, RT Visual ToolBox is available. Using a tablet or computer just drag and drop controls into a sequence. No coding experience necessary. It also integrates with Solid Works allowing for remote control and integration testing with the rest of the production line. Learn More...

Certified End of Arm Tooling

Mitsubishi has made available a full compliment of tools that work seamlessly with the Assista Cobot. The Vision Systems, pick and place grippers and other tools connect easily to the standard wiring connectors placed in the cobot arm. Communications connections in the arm for connection to other factory systems. Learn More...

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