Mechanical Motion

Karakui is the term for automating a process without any motion control devices. We use this in the process of Lean Production to optimise production pocesses like material control and to design efficient work enviroments, work areas or benches. 

We have almost 4.000 components all designed to work together to increase throughput improve employee moral and help the bottom line. Easy to implement, efficient and cost effective production solutions.

Design Services

Design your perfect solution with our OnLine CAD design software or have our experienced structural aluminum CAD designers configure a system with the proper components, fasteners,  sturctural design to minimize cost and maximise efficiency.Learn more...

Work Cell Inventory Management

Develope less expensive methods for inventory delivery. Keep your employees working, track inventory better and most importantly increase employee morale with updated systems and work enviroment.earn more...

Carts and Trolleys

Unlimited design capabilities. Custom design a cart to handle those heavy, bulky or otherwise tough to handle components during assembly. Keep your employees safe.Learn more...

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